My iDay coverage

After a nice weekend at the beach to clear my mind of all things Mac, I’m back now and face a tsunami of iPhone news stories and blog posts — joy. But on the plus side, some of those are mine. As I posted before, I was at the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York on Friday to cover the iPhone launch for The Teen Tech Buzz podcast and Macworld. While The Teen Tech Buzz coverage hasn’t been posted yet, the Macworld stuff has, in three forms. The first is a written report of coverage from around the country of the iPhone launch. I have a few paragraphs in the New York section, with a byline, of course, and a photo right next to it. That photo, plus another that I did and several from other Macworld correspondents, is posted on a gallery on Macworld’s iPhone Central blog. Finally, some of my audio coverage is on episode #87 of the Macworld Podcast.

So, while not all of my coverage is online, all of it will be soon, in the form of Flickr photos, a special part of The Teen Tech Buzz podcast, and a set of MacUser/iPhone Central posts. So, to all you security guards, line-waiters, and Apple Store employees who doubted my press credentials — look who’s laughing now.

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