Apple announces Q2 earnings and stock surges above $100

appleq2financials.jpgIn contrast to my previous post, here’s a positive post about financial news: Apple Inc., better known to, well, everyone, as Apple, has announced its Q2 earnings this afternoon, and they’re pretty amazing at $0.87 EPS, which is up from $0.47 EPS in the year-ago-quarter, and $5.26 billion and $770 million in quarterly revenue and net profit, respectively. Apple has also sold 36% more Macs and 24% more iPods since last year. Plus, the Q2 earnings beat the $0.64 EPS analyst expectation by $0.23. What this means: Apple’s still growing and thriving, and its stock price has surged, going up $7.10 (7.45%) in after-hours trading at the time of publishing, all the way to an all-time-high (not including previous highs today in after-hours trading) of $102.45. So, whether you’re an Apple fan, shareholder, or both (like me), this’ll be good news to you’re ears.

Note: Apple has also announced that it’s not going to fight with ex-CFO Fred Anderson (who accused Steve Jobs of being responsible for the stock options scandal).

Note 2: From TUAW: “During this afternoon’s financial conference call, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer announced that a third Big Apple store is being planned. It’s been suggested that this building at 401 West 14th Street will be the third store’s location. At 52,000 square-feet, it would house one heck of a store.” And yes Dave, as you pointed out in your post, New Yorkers do get everything. Except free municipal Wi-Fi. And driving distance from Apple, Google, digg, Macworld and more headquarters. Damn you San Francisco!

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