Daily Digest for 04/22/07

This is the first in my new “Daily Digest” series, which is basically a daily collection links and anything going on in the world or my personal life that I don’t have time to do full posts out of. It will go online every day at 8PM, and here’s today’s:

  • It’s Earth Day! If you really want to go green and live in New York, get ConEd Solutions for 100% clean energy in your house.
  • MacApper breaks the news about Panic’s new app without their permission: Tisk, tisk tisk, MacApper. See MacUser tomorrow for an op-ed by co-editor Derik DeLong.
  • Yesterday is the one year anniversary of me being hit by a car. I also almost lost my backpack yesterday on a city street, which had, amongst other things, my address and keys. April 21st is cursed.
  • Set up my new blog homepage!
  • Set up Twitter Tools on my blog, which is awesome (props to Austen for help on getting it not to mess up Sidebar Modules).
  • Went on my first bike ride of the season with Austen.
  • Set some more stuff up in Ubuntu.

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  1. 1 Austen

    And here I was thinking that you’d announce your intentions to run for president…

    Anywho, I’m glad to of taken part in 2 of your “daily digests” (actually, 3 if you think about it… but I wasn’t really “glad” to take part in that one.)

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