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Hey guys, I know it’s been about a month now since my last post, and I’m sorry for not posting more frequently. There’s a lot of stuff on my plate, such as blogging on MacUser, writing for TeenSpeak Online, and managing my normal life. But graduation is days away, which means much more free time for personal blogging. Right now, I’m just going to post some quick updates on stuff that’s happened and what’s going to come.

For those of you that don’t know, about two months ago I was hit by a car. I’m OK now, all I have are two small scars on my face that didn’t even need to be stitched up. It happened on a quiet side street in Manhattan and yes, I was jaywalking.

I just wanted to remind everybody that the majority of my blogging goes into MacUser, so if you’re into Macs, check it out.

Also, I am a staff writer on the website TeenSpeak Online, which is news and editorials for teens by teens. My first and only article, Why Bush can’t be impeached, is still on the front page. Also, I will going to a discussion at the United Nations on Friday, which will be pretty cool.

As for what’s coming on the blog next, expect reviews of the play Awake and Sing (which I saw the day it won the Tony), the movie Bee Season, and the book Kavalier and Clay. Also, I’ll be posting coverage of my summer vacation to London, Rome, and Israel in August, and I’ll try to put up cool things I find online and elsewhere whenever I have the chance.

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