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The Daily Show Taping: Part II

I got screwed!!!!!!!! My dad and I were around the 215th people to come to the show, and they only have 200 seats. Fill in the blanks. My dad didn’t have enough money on him to bribe someone, and there were too many people watching for my dad to whip out his Times ID. On the bright side, all people who got screwed over can get VIP seats, which means guaranteed seating and no waiting outside in the cold, simply by emailing them with yoiur name and a preffered date. The VIP tickets, like general admission, are also free. Also, the only two pics I snagged on the line are below:


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The Daily Show Taping: Part I

Tonight I’m going to see a taping of, in my opinion, the best show on television, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The Daily Show, for those of you idiots out there (just kidding), is a fake news program that satirizes the latest news very, very well, The show also features certain "segments" which include This Week in God, a humorous look at the latest religious news, Trend Spotting, a which shows the latest youth "trends" in a satiric manner, and special "segments" when one of the Daily Show people goes out and talks about a stupid, unimportant event that’s happened and ridicules the people involved by interviewing them and asking them very awkward questions. The show itself is taped right here in the good old city of New York, just around 59th St. and West End avenue. They tape the half-hour show at 6:00 PM and air it at 11:00 PM EST the same night. I’ll post on here either when I get back tonight or tomorrow morning my part II update on what happened at the taping, and pictures that i took with my RAZR at the taping. One last thing, I may not even be able to go because the Daily Show overbooks each show to guarantee a full house, which means that I may not even be able to go, though hopefully my dad’s New York Times ID may help give us a better chance of getting in.

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Apple Special Event on Feb. 28th

After all of the fake invites for a Feb. 22nd Apple event, there is finally a real invite for a real Apple event on February 28th at Apple Headquarters in Cuperino, California. The invitation, which was sent out to a variety of media outlets (of course, none for podcaststers and bloggers like me, as if I could go anyway because even though this is my week off from school, next week isn’t. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!), which consists simply of an iCal icon with the date February 28th on it and the line "Come see some fun new products from Apple." Well, let the guesses begin (personally I’m HOPING for an Intel version of the PowerMac G5, but I think that it WILL be either a) an updated version of Airport Extreme of Express (perhaps video on Express and MIMO on both), b) an Intel Mac Mini with Front Row 2.0 (what was a popular choice for Macworld 2006), or c) Intel iBooks (another popular guess proved false for Macworld 2006)).

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Yesterday after shopping with my mother and sister at The Container Store, I wandered into Tekserve, a Mac speciality store on 23rd St., looking ofr The Print Shop for Mac, but found much, much more. I had known about Tekserve for a while, but had never gone to the actual store myself. The place is incredible. When you first walk through teh door, you can see a line of Mac SEs and Mac Classics (the first macintosh computers, though not the first Apple computers, just google “Apple I,” “apple II,” “Apple III,” and “Lisa.) stacked on top of each other, showing the deep Apple roots of the sore and immediatly increasing the geek appeal. The store itself has the look and appeal of an old general store, with with wooden signs hanging from the ceiling marking the different areas of the store and tickets for speaking to someone at the counter (just like B&H Photo at 34th St.), yet also has the geeky mac appeal of the Apple Store. After talking briefly to someone at the support counter there (almost like an old-fasioned, less-crowded version of the Genius bar at Apple Stores), I learned that Tekserve had been open since the very beginning of Apple products. Wow! That’s since the 80s! Also, my dad told me that he bought a non-mac computer there in 1987, before it was a mac specialty store. Now that’s cool. You can see some pics of Tekserve that I took with my mom’s cameraphone (note to slef, take RAZR EVERYWHERE) below.


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