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This is a pic from a section in the latest edition of MAD Magazine which shows sataires of the classsic iPod silhouette ads. Very funny, and in now way insulting (unless MAYBE your Steve Jobs, or some dude that actually had this stuff happen to him or her (ouch).

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New Version of Flock

Flock, the new Web 2.0-centric, Mozilla-based web browser has just been officially upgraded to version 0.5.11, featuring a Flickr uploader, support for bookmark sharing, and support for a few Firefox extentions are just a few of the new features that come with version 0.5.11. Personally, the features that I like the most is support for tags (testing if that works with this post) and categories (this one does work) in WordPress and other MetaWeblog based blogs (like mine!!!!), the Flickr photo uploader, a bookmarks bar that can also show blog posts, maps, the Shelf (a place to store snippets of text and images for blogging later), and much more. It also runs all together much more smoove and faster than before, and and RSS feed made up of several RSS feeds which used to crash Flock now runs seamlessly. You can grab the new version of Flock here.

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